Dr. Richard Carrier PhD: Polyamorous or Sleaze? (Unless Box Checked for Other)

Have you heard the news?  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD, the intellectual artillery of the thriving Atheism Plus movement, revealed that he, Dr. Richard Carrier PhD, is a person who  doesn’t fit into society’s tidy sexual orientation boxes.  He needs your understanding as he deals with the backlash of being something DIFFERENT.  Something people don’t understand.

That’s right, folks: Dr. Richard Carrier PhD is a heterosexual cismale who wants to have sex with lots of women without the women getting mad. Continue reading Dr. Richard Carrier PhD: Polyamorous or Sleaze? (Unless Box Checked for Other)


#GamerGate News: More Anti-Military Rhetoric and Hypocrisy from Jonathan McIntosh

I previously unpacked the disgusting ideas that Mr. McIntosh shared in a video he made.  His goal was to heap scorn upon the American military…even though he’s now a partner of Intel, a company that seems to care for veterans.

“Cory Brandstetter” added something important to the discussion in the Ralph Retort article that brought the video to light.   Many thanks to Cory for posting these screengrabs:


Mr. McIntosh, Intel partner, wanted to advertise against the military.  he feels that being a soldier is not “honorable.”

In order to deflect criticism of his position, he offers the following:mcintosh15

Mr. McIntosh is being hypocritical with this point.  One of the primary dictates of SJW philosophy is that privileged white men don’t get to tell other people how they should feel about…anything.  He’s definitely -splaining here.  Whitesplaining.  Privilegesplaining.

He’s also making a false claim to authority.  He seems to think that growing up on a military base gave him some insight as to what our brave men and women experience overseas.  I suppose it makes sense he’d say this.  His whole FemFreq business endeavor is predicated on telling people how they are supposed to feel and ignoring and demonizing dissenters for fun and profit.

And this is the guy who wants us to blindly “listen and believe” to the experiences of women and minorities.  (While ignoring the #notyourshield voices.)

One wonders how long Intel will choose to support a person who clearly alienates their military contracts and veteran outreach.



Bonus McIntosh LOL:


Whatever You Do, Don’t Let Intel and Intel’s Military Outreach Personnel Know that Jonathan McIntosh Hates the US Military… [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

In case you haven’t seen, The Ralph Retort found a video that was made by Jonathan McIntosh in which he implies some pretty awful things about our brave men and women in uniform.

Check the video out for yourself:

Mr. McIntosh describes the work as: “A Political Remix Video critical of the US army’s TV recruiting campaign. Think of it as a bit of Identity Correction. This remix video is a critical satirical transformative work and constitutes a “fair-use” in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.”

It is interesting that Mr. McIntosh uses US law to justify his free speech rights, seeing as how he recently engaged in victim blaming of the dead Charlie Hebdo writers and cartoonists:


Why does any of this matter?  Well, Mr. McIntosh has a long history of saying some very offensive things.  For example, look at how aggrieved Mr. McIntosh was when Osama bin Laden died and how unconcerned he was when Christopher Hitchens died:

mcintoshhitchens military

What kind of terrible human being feels more grief at the death of Osama bin Laden than a man like Christopher Hitchens, who spent his whole life fighting totalitarianism and Orwellian garbage?

Jonathan McIntosh, that’s who.  No one would care about what this terrible human being thinks aside from the fact that he and Ms. Sarkeesian have brainwashed people into obeying their radical feminist orders.  (And for profit.  The two of them are living pretty well, considering what little they’ve done for society.)

As reported by Breitbart and others, processor giant Intel teamed with Mr. McIntosh and Ms. Sarkeesian to create a $300 million diversity initiative.  An initiative that seems somewhat unnecessary, considering that women and minorities already have the right to go into the tech field and already do so.

It is curious as to why Intel would partner with someone like Mr. McIntosh.  Let’s take a look at the rhetorical intent of his video.  It’s a pretty standard concept; he took the audio of an Army recruitment commercial and juxtaposed images that change the original meaning of the work.

Let’s go in-depth and see what Mr. McIntosh thinks of our military:


VOICEOVER: Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a soldier?  Put yourself in the picture with this free video.

Mr. McIntosh seems to be saying that if you’re “in the picture” of the Army, you’ll be setting people on fire.


VOICEOVER:  You’ll see over 200 great jobs in the Army. And over 180 in the Army Reserve.

Hmm…so Mr. McIntosh thinks you’ll be stacking the bodies of the people you’ve dispatched.  Including those of children:


And more people you’ve set on fire:


Let’s keep going, unless you’re already vomiting at how terrible Mr. McIntosh is:


VOICEOVER: You’ll also see what skills you’ll learn, how you can earn money for college

In addition to rolling down a hill, Mr. McIntosh thinks you’ll earn money for college by working at McDonald’s?  I’m not really sure where he’s going with this one.  Mr. McIntosh isn’t the world’s clearest rhetorician.


VOICEOVER: even what soldiers do in their free time.

He thinks that our brave soldiers, our men and women in uniform, are stupid jackasses who chase birds around the park in their underwear.  Classy, JM.  Classy.


VOICEOVER: Put yourself in the picture

That’s right, a repeat of the claim that our members of the military, those who defend the right Mr. McIntosh has to say such terrible things, implies that Army soldiers spend their days turning people into corpses.


VOICEOVER: and see what it’s really like to become an Army of One.

Again, he’s saying that our soldiers are buffoons who wear heart-studded boxers and who really enjoyed killing the children and adults they just killed.

You’re as disgusted as I am, right?

Let’s not be too mad at Intel just yet.  They have been under a lot of pressure to do the bidding of inequality feminists.  Intel CLAIMS to care about the military a great deal.  Look at the awards they’ve won:


I don’t know…maybe Intel would like to hear what you think about their new business partner Jonathan McIntosh.

Rob Polston manages Intel’s Veteran Recruiting Program:


Maybe you send Mr. Polston a polite e-mail in which you alert him with regard to his company’s new partner.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has seemingly been working closely with Mr. McIntosh; why not tweet him or send him a letter to demonstrate you’re not very happy that Intel is such a big fan of someone who says such terrible things about our military?

Here’s Intel’s corporate address:

2200 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054-1549

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments  and please share this post on social media!

Know Your Bullshit SJW Debate Stifler: Kafkatrapping

How many times have you been in a good-faith argument when an SJW when…all of a sudden…you’re told that you are wrong simply because your race or gender prevents you from understanding the SJW side of things?

You’ve just been Kafkatrapped.

The term seems to have originated with Eric Raymond, an open-source software engineer.  By all means, check out his excellent analysis.  I’ll give you a useful TL;DR.

The term “Kafkatrap,” of course, comes from Franz Kafka, the author of The Metamorphosis and The Trial, books that satirize the inherent illogic in the world around us.  The protagonist of the latter book is arrested and accused of serious crimes.  He receives no explanation or description of the charges, but he does receive a title.  He refuses to acknowledge that he must be guilty and that’s what makes him guilty.  The only way to stop his abuse is to admit that he is guilty.

Mr. Raymond isolates a few different kinds of Kafkatraps:

Model A

The mere fact that you won’t acknowledge your sexism is proof of your sexism.

Model C

You may not think that you are racist, but you have benefited from racial injustice in the past, which is proof of your racism.

Model P

You may not think that you’re homophobic, but you are homophobic because of your proximity to or association with homophobia, no matter how tangential.

Model S

Attempting to use government statistics to prove the rate of sexual assault is under 1% instead of 1-in-5 is proof that you are one of the rape apologists who encourage rape.

Model L

Your doubt that SOCIAL JUSTICE HASHTAG DU JOUR is a big problem indicative of systemic sexism demonstrates that you are a sexist.

As Mr. Raymond points out, the intention of the Kafkatrap is to make the recipient feel guilt.  If you’re having a good-faith argument about a touchy issue, you’re likely an OK person.  No one likes rape, but they know you’ll feel bad if they call you a rape apologist for pointing out that the UVA Rolling Stone article has been proven to have been built on complete fabrications.

For example, you might say:

“I just want the terrible accusation of gang rape to be investigated by the police instead of Rolling Stone. “

Your debate partner may reply:

“Your insistence that a single instance of rape be investigated by police proves that you are one of the rape apologists who doesn’t care about rape.”

(See how that’s a Model S Kafkatrap?)

Don’t let the Kafkatrap get you.  The next time someone pulls it out, remind them that what they’re saying is a logical fallacy and they should try again.

#GamerGate List: 9 Reasons You Don’t Want to Go to a Movie With Anita and Jonathan

Seeing a movie in a real movie theater is just not always as fun as it was in the past.  Jerks whip around their cell phones like light sabers, people bring their toddlers to midnight showings of horror movies.  And that doesn’t even account for the fact that most movies suck big time.

Imagine all of the reasons it would be horrible to see a film with Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh:

9.  Endless pre-movie discussion about how Sno-Caps represent the ways in which white European culture covers up South American and African cultures.

8. Anita’s earrings jingle really loudly when  she looks up and down to make Bechdel Test notes.

7. Jonathan keeps asking who that guy is and if he was the guy who talked to the hero at the beginning of the movie.

6. All the movement is distracting when they cover each other’s eyes during the sex scenes.

5. Too much noise…Anita boos the beginning of the Joss Whedon film before they make friends and she applauds the end of it.

4. Jonathan gets in a fight with the manager because the theater’s general admission policy lets everyone choose a seat equally, regardless of privilege.

3. A bunch of guys with clearly fake moustaches keep looking back to see if Anita’s laughing so they can laugh.

2. You just KNOW Anita’s dreaming up her next video about how women are unsafe in the U.S./Canada while watching a movie about women in Somalia.

1. They might make out.  Ew.


#FTBullies: PZ Myers Treats Students Like Enemies

College is a time of experimentation.  Not just in the way you’re thinking.  It’s a college student’s primary duty to experiment with ideas.  There’s no other time in one’s life when he or she will have the opportunity to pick and choose from the marketplace of ideas without the added pressure of “real world” concerns. Continue reading #FTBullies: PZ Myers Treats Students Like Enemies

Why #YouDontSay is Stupid and You Should Mock It

That’s right…some of the SJWs at Duke decided that we didn’t have enough pointless hashtags in our lives.  The campaign has been around for a year, but it looks like the Thought Police have gotten a second wind.  The campaign is now releasing propaganda images of Duke student-athletes, each of whom look really angry and must have just looked at their tuition bill as the shutter was clicking. Continue reading Why #YouDontSay is Stupid and You Should Mock It

Doing Battle with the Doubleplusungood