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Organizers, Did Richard Carrier Expose Unreported Sexual Assault at Your Event?

Prominent feminist atheist Bible scholar Dr. Richard Carrier PhD posted “How to Do Wrong Right,” a very helpful essay in which he bravely describes situations in which he was both the perpetrator and victim of violations of propriety at atheist conventions and other related events.  He wrote the essay for our benefit, helping the rest of us understand how we can negotiate the “flirting ladder” without committing sexual harassment or sexual assault.

As other feminists such as PZ Myers, Stephanie Svan and Greta Christina have pointed out, events held for the secular and skeptical communities have been rife with sexual assault and sexual harassment, in spite of the policies they have managed to put in place over and above the law, which already condemns sexual assault and many forms of sexual harassment.

Mr. or Ms. Event Organizer, Richard Carrier describes some serious situations that have happened at your functions that have gone unreported to local law enforcement agencies.  You’ll no doubt agree that attendees at events and conventions have the right to be safe at your productions.  Carrier has done the hard and brave work revealing these incidents:


Was this sexual harasser punished?  Why didn’t the organization disclose the incident?


Carrier himself suffered sexual assault.  The organizers were made aware.  The perpetrator was not reported to local law enforcement, nor was she purged from the event.  Perhaps worse, the onus was put on the victim to report instead of event administration resolving the situation.  Shameful.


Surely you see the problem of putting the ball in the victim’s court.  Not only was he gaslit into apologizing to his sexual assaulter, but the convention organizers have an obligation to make attendees feel safe.  As Richard Carrier put it in 2012:


The sexual assaulter clearly was not dealt with in an effective manner, as she revictimized Dr. Carrier later in the evening.


Why hasn’t the community gotten wind of any police reports relating to these many incidents?  To my knowledge, conventions have not adopted a Clery Act-like model, making public record of the sexual assault that takes place during their events.  Why not?

Dr. Carrier is so prominent in the community and beyond in part because of his honesty.  He describes some of his own violations of convention/event policy:


Many in the community have asserted that unofficial afterparties, Scotch and cigar parties and afterhours pub conversations in an elevator are nonetheless governed by event policy.  Does your harassment policy make the distinction clear if your organization believes there is one?


Dr. Carrier reminds us that women are capable of engaging in long and exciting conversations, as this is something we all often forget.

Still, Dr. Carrier describes making unwanted sexual advances with, one assumes, a fellow event attendee.  Was this at your convention?  Did the victim feel secure enough to tell you she was violated?  If not, why not?  What can you do to change?


Dr. Carrier made a sexual advance while seemingly aware that the event had a policy against making sexual advances. Thankfully, a bystander noticed that Dr. Carrier had made a pass and immediately ended that line of discussion upon realizing that kind of attention was unwanted.


First, we must congratulate Dr. Carrier again for his bravery in revealing he had been censured by the event staff.  The incident raises more of those important questions.  We’re lucky a bystander informed on Dr. Carrier, but did the victim herself know that she had recourse?  Was the policy announced before each talk, or at least before and after the keynote address or equivalent?  The event was in a pub; did alcohol play a role in the situation?  In light of the fact that alcohol loosens a persons inhibitions…should organizations hold events in pubs?  Should they facilitate alcohol use at all?  Is it enough that only the event staff, the offender, the informant and victim knew about the transgression?

As Dr. Carrier made clear in 2012:


Mr. or Ms. Event Organizer, you’re trying to draw a parity of women.  That requires a “no douchebags” policy.  If an attendee knowingly violates event policy, should he or she be invited back?  Doesn’t such a lapse compromise the safety of others in the future?  Don’t you want these meetings to be welcoming and fun?

Where Did All Of This Sexual Assault and Harassment Take Place?  (Why Don’t We Already Know?)

Dr. Carrier made it clear that “many” of his “friends and girlfriends have been sexually assaulted at conferences in just the last three years”.  Why have so few of these cases been reported to the local authorities?  Luminaries such as PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson, Jen McCreight and Dr. Carrier himself have been extremely vigilant in informing the community about accusations about some men in the community, but it seems that many sexual assaulters have not only gone free, but the community has not been warned about their activities.

Mr. or Ms. Event Organizer, you have an obligation to keep attendees safe from sexual assault.  Many people have been sexually assaulted at atheist/skeptics events in the past three years.  Whether or not your event or organization is on this list, what is your responsibility to report threats to public safety that may have occurred?  If you don’t take a stance and don’t report, why not?

Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist Conference

National Day of Reason event sponsored by the Treasure Valley Coalition of Reason

Stockton Area Atheists and Freethinkers

Atheist Community of San Jose

Mythinformation Conference (sponsored by Mythicist Milwaukee)

Freethinkers of PSU

Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver

PDX Skeptics in the Pub

Humanists of Greater Portland


Antelope Valley College Freethinkers

Humanist Community of Central Ohio

Hispanic American Freethinkers

Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago

Freedom From Religion Foundation – Chicago Chapter

DePaul Alliance for Freethought

Backyard Skeptics (Orange County)

San Diego Coalition for Reason

Ventura Atheists

CFI Regina

CFI Okanagan

CFI Calgary


Atheist Community of Austin

Secular Students Alliance

UC Davis Agnostic and Atheist Association

MythUnderstood Alliance

Atheists United of San Luis Obispo

CFI Ottawa

San Francisco Atheists

Mid Valley Humanist, Atheist, and Freethinker Colloquium

Stanislaus Humanists

Stockton Area Atheists and Freethinkers

Purdue Society of Non-Theists

Sacramento Freethought Day

SF Atheist Film Festival


CFI Washington DC

Imagine No Religion

American Atheists

National Atheist Party

Triangle Freethought Society

UAH Non-Theists

British Humanism Association

Now What?  What Are Your Obligations?

Mr. or Ms. Event Organizer, in light of the fact that there is so much sexual assault in the atheist community that has gone unreported and unprosecuted, what can you do?

Here are my modest suggestions that you’ll implement if you care.

Establish a Clery Act-Style Reporting System on Your Web Site

Every visitor who finds their way to your site should be able to tell very quickly and very easily how many incidents have occurred that violated your sexual protection policies.  We need to know the number of incidents, the severity of the incidents and some sort of easy-to-follow trail as the accusation made its way through the criminal justice system.

These reports should be displayed prominently on the front page of your organization’s site; why should people need to dig around to find such information?

Coordinate with Local Law Enforcement to Investigate all Claims of Sexual Assault

I must disagree slightly with Dr. Carrier; allegations should not be handled in-house by organizations that have a vested interest in perpetuating the silence we’ve been hearing for at least the past three years.

Local law enforcement agencies must be notified of all allegations of sexual assault as quickly as possible so these professionals can decide whether criminal charges should be pursued.  Mr. or Ms. Event Organizer, you do a fantastic job of arranging for speakers, locations and everything else necessary to put together fulfilling atheist events.  You are not equipped to bring perpetrators of sexual assault to justice.

Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Should Not Be Allowed to Commit Further Offenses

What’s the point of having these wonderful and powerful policies if we don’t enforce them?  As Jezebel reports, men who commit serious violations tend to do it again.  We need women to feel safe, not to look around, wondering if the men around them have committed violations of the sexual harassment policy in the past.  Apologies and promises not to re-offend do not eliminate the victim’s pain, nor do they do the community any favors.  Do we really want to perpetuate the perception that atheists and skeptics are tolerant of sexual assault?

We need to end the silence.  Look at how effective the mainstream media has been in illuminating the campus rape epidemic.  Many single accusations have been bandied about the community, but it’s clear from Dr. Carrier’s statements that the majority of sexual assault goes unreported and worse: unpunished.

Section the Last and Most Important

Mr. or Ms. Event Organizer, you don’t have to do anything about this problem in excess of your legal obligation to provide a safe environment.  But if you ignore the rampant sexual assault that Dr. Carrier has exposed, you need to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’ve done to end it.

I hope you like what you see.


PZ Myers Knew About the Radford/Stollznow Retraction on May 26 and Made No Comment for a Week

On May 22, Ben Radford tweeted a settlement that was the culmination of years of expensive and acrimonious litigation with Karen Stollznow, a woman who accused him of stalking, sexual harassment and other very serious crimes.

These demonstrably false accusations, as Hemant Mehta pointed out, spread like wildfire in the skeptical community and beyond.  Prominent skeptics such as PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson and Stephanie Zvan spread those accusations as far and as wide as they could and Radford suffered serious social and financial consequences as a result of the campaign against him.

As is so often the case in these situations, the retraction got far less press than the accusations.  None of the Freethought Blogs/Skepchick faction of skepticism covered the retraction.  Several on the sensible side of skepticism tweeted at anti-Radford commentators such as Adam Lee and Greta Christina in hopes of winning some kind of comment for Radford, a man about whom they were more than happy to spread venom.

Mehta’s article, published on June 2, asked an important question:

If You Promote a Story That Turns Out to Be False, Don’t You Have an Obligation to Correct It?

PZ, Watson, Zvan and Lee profited from the blog hits they received from their Radford accusations, after all…don’t they have a moral obligation to report when those accusations are retracted?

PZ responded with his now-customary lack of class. In “I sincerely concede that Ben Radford is a litigious jerk,” the Humanist of the Year 2009 asserts the following:

  • Rebecca Watson “has the story,” a bit of a slight to Mehta.
  • He will not apologize to Radford.
  • Radford spent 100 grand on his defense
  • Radford “browbeat” Stollznow “and her husband” into signing “a piece of paper on pain of ruining her life.”
  • Radford’s a “small-minded cartoon villain” for the coincidence that multi-year litigation ended around the same time as Stollznow scheduled her c-section.
  • Radford’s a “leaky sack of shit.”

Why didn’t PZ, Watson, Stephanie Zvan or any of the other false accusers correct their stories?  Why, they had no IDEA that the settlement had been reached!

Watson was clueless!


Jason “Lousy Canuck” Thibeault, a man who has first-hand knowledge of the pain caused by false rape allegations,  had no obligation to follow up on the story or to keep up with the state of the litigation in spite of his laborious documentation of the accusations in the past.


Stephanie Zvan had no idea what happened and made sure to say that Radford did not understand sexual consent.


Knowing that Stollznow’s retraction put PZ and his friends on the wrong side of the issue, they leapt to his defense with a time-worn tactic:


From PZ’s post:



From the Zvan:


Look at this interesting morsel!  GregB asks Zvan if and when she knew about the settlement.  She heard about the settlement in a closed Facebook group and figured she would hear more!  Instead, she expected Radford to contact dozens of people who  had accused him of sexual assault to ask for the accusations to be taken down!


From the comments on Hemant’s post:


The Truth: PZ Knew About the Retraction on at Least May 26 and Said Nothing

Giving people the benefit of the doubt is a virtue.  Maybe PZ had no idea that Radford had been vindicated!  How would he possibly know about the settlement, seeing as how he likely has Radford blocked in addition to anyone who would tweet him about the end of the litigation?

Now, PZ has never been shy about writing articles about Ben Radford:


PZ knew about the settlement on May 26.  He said nothing.

PZ knew about the settlement on May 27.  He said nothing.

PZ knew about the settlement on May 28, 29, 30 and June 1.  He said nothing.  PZ didn’t say anything until “Rebecca” broke the story on June 2, prompted by Hemant’s piece.

How do we know that PZ knew about the settlement?  Why, he was informed in comments made on his blog!  Comments he MUST have seen because he deleted them.

Thankfully, there is a Wayback Machine record of Brive’s interaction with the Pharyngula Horde.

May 26: PZ posts “Not quite home, and almost regretting it”

Around comment 288, “Brive” throws his or her hat in the ring, saying:


Oh…PZ deleted the comment.  PZ deleted ALL of the comments.  Thankfully, Brive posted some screenshots to the Slymepit and other Pharyngula commenters quoted and responded to Brive, immortalizing what he said.


Comment 297: Brive pastes in the important verbiage from the Stollznow retraction and points out that PZ and the Horde had done no “housecleaning” or apology in the previous three-plus days.


Comment 309: Brive expressly links to the Stollznow retraction and points out that Stollznow had taken down the accusations on her $60,000 Indiegogo page.


Comment 451: Brive explicitly mentions the settlement.  “The accusations have been withdrawn – you ignore it.  But the posts remain.”  Clear as day.


Comment 462: Lady Mondegreen is absolutely clear.  She knows about the retraction.


Brive gets in his soon-to-be deleted “last word,” complete with mention of the settlement and reminder that PZ ignored it.

PZ COULD claim that he just didn’t read Brive’s comments.  But that can’t be true…PZ deleted them.  He clearly interacted with them.  Others in the thread interacted with them.  PZ ignored the Radford settlement.

May 27: The Thunderdome.  The “unmoderated free-for-all.”

More talk about the Stollznow retraction.  Tony! The Queer Shoop quotes Brive’s previous comment and makes an inquiry:


Here’s the ensuing conversation:

pz6 pz7 pz8

So all of these commenters (and anyone who read the thread) knew about Radford’s vindication.  (Crip Dyke, by the way, is an occasional Freethought Blogger.)  Only a psychic would know if PZ read these specific comments, but it is clear that he participated in the thread after the discussion of the Stollznow settlement.


Why Didn’t PZ Mention the Fact that Radford’s Alleged Victim Admitted She Wasn’t a Victim?

For the most part, that’s up to you to decide.  Sexual assault is a terrible crime and should be punished severely.  But the severity of that crime and the others Radford was alleged to have committed require us to be fair to the accused.

it would be wrong for anyone to believe that Ben Radford stalked, sexually harassed, or physically and sexually assaulted Karen Stollznow.

Why don’t PZ Myers and the others rejoice?  Karen Stollznow (as the evidence and retraction prove) was not mistreated in the way she alleged.  This is a good thing, right?  Why wouldn’t PZ and his friends at least offer a bland notice of the retraction?

David Osorio theorizes through Rebecca Bradley that Radford is simply a prop: a sacrificial lamb that SJW FTBullies need to justify their abusive actions and illogical beliefs that are far removed from skeptical thinking.

Maybe PZ believes that he’s invincible and that he’s always right.

Perhaps PZ is acting out of a misguided paternal instinct.  Maybe deep in the middle of 2015 PZ beats the heart of 2000 PZ, a man who was perhaps a bit strident when it came to creationists, but wasn’t a bully.

If we’re lucky, PZ will explain himself without calling anyone a “shitbucket” or a rapist.




UPDATE: More images and a complete archive of the original comments added.

PZ Myers Blasts Josh Duggar But Protects the Child Rapist on His Blog

In 2011, PZ Myers was hurling invective at creationists, Christians and Muslims.

In 2015, PZ Myers spews his hate at people who point out his hypocrisy regarding those who commit child rape.


I know…most people have lives and are too busy to keep up with PZ’s activities.  Here’s the background in a nutshell.  In the first decade of the 21st century, PZ Myers was one of the prominent voices in atheist activism.  His Pharyngula blog won science awards and PZ was frequently called upon to debate creationists and the like.  His stature was such that he even met with Richard Dawkins, a moment that seems fantastic in retrospect.  PZ’s star was rising!

Then everything went sideways.  Elevatorgate opened PZ’s eyes to the rampant misogyny in the community. A man hit on Rebecca Watson in an elevator and went away after being rejected.  This outrage proved that the atheist community and war-torn Congo were equally inhospitable to women.  Onstage, PZ said:

the Internet community of atheists is racked with these paroxysms of argument over, of all things, the status of women. We’re trying to decide whether women are fuck toys and eye candy for the privileged white men, or whether we are colleagues together in this movement.

The Internet community of atheists is still trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about.  What we didn’t know at the time was that PZ Myers was establishing himself as the judge, jury and reputational executioner with respect to sexual offenses.

Pharyngula soon became all radical feminism, all the time.  The man who desecrated a Koran  and who literally made a video of himself burying a Koran was now the ruler of a kingdom of broken people who love Islam.  A freedom fighter from the Slymepit posted “Classic PZ” quotes about Islam into a Pharyngula thread.  The commenters pointed out that “Classic PZ” was an “Islamophobe.”  Like all great sharers of ideas, PZ deleted literally his own comments from the post.

Perhaps most offensive was PZ’s decision to police the sexuality of straight men in the atheist movement.  The accusations came hot and heavy.

August 6, 2013: PZ snags the assist and names the unnamed man who Karen Stollznow accused of sexual harassment on a Scientific American blog post.  (Last week, Karen Stollznow settled the defamation suit against her and admitted that none of the events she claimed happened…happened.  PZ hasn’t acknowledged this fact, either.  But that’s another post.)

August 8, 2013: PZ relays accusations that Michael Shermer is a serial rapist.  The details in the third-hand accusation were fuzzy and kept changing, but that didn’t matter to PZ and his Horde.  (PZ calls his commenters and fans his Horde because he has designs on world domination.  Plus, it sounds really masculine.)  Shermer sent PZ a cease and desist order, but PZ laughed it off because he doesn’t particularly care for the legal system.

Further research:

Over the next few weeks, nearly every other prominent male received accusations of sexual impropriety from PZ and his band of looneys.  Then…on August 20, 2013…something truly frightening happened on Pharyngula.

Ogvorbis: His Standing in the Community and His Confession

Ogvorbis is a long-time commenter at Pharyngula.  He’s prominent enough to have a Pharyngula Wiki entry about him.  His last blog post to date asks you to “think of the children.”

Little did the Horde know that there was more than met the eye with Father Ogvorbis.

In PZ’s “Stunned Silence” thread, he registers his shock and sadness that Elyse MoFo Anders revealed that she had been raped.  That’s fine.  We’re all sad about sexual assault and we all wish that nothing bad along those lines would ever happen to anyone, including Elyse.

The interesting part is in the comments.  (Here’s page 1.  Here’s page 2.) Ogvorbis’s words speak for themselves.  I reproduce them in full not to bore you, but to let you get a fair understanding of Ogvorbis’s performance that day.

ogvorbis1 ogvorbis2

Ogvorbis admits that he was raped by a cub scout leader for a couple years.  This is awful and terrible and we would all love to go back in time and go Olivia Benson on the cub scout leader’s ass.  Fine.

It’s also important to note that he points out that he has been remembering these things gradually over the past thirty years.  Some have theorized that these are “recovered memories.”


More description of having been raped.  We’re all on Ogvorbis’s side.  Remember?  Time machine.  Olivia Benson.ogvorbis4

More deserved victim cred to this point.


Uh oh.  Things are getting interesting and even sadder.  Ogvorbis bgns losssing his abbilitty to tyyype as he establishes some facts.

  1. Ogvorbis was twelve.
  2. Ogvorbis babysat two girls approximately 4 and 7. (He later says the youngest may have been 3.)
  3. Ogvorbis was given an additional 6-year-old to babysit.
  4. Three girls, 4, 6 and 7 went into a bedroom and began engaging in “sex play” that involved bondage.
  5. They did “everything” that day.


Ogvorbis responds to the wave of love the rest of the Horde sent him.  He acknowledges he fears “losing control.”  He’s saying that there’s still a possibility he will rape more very little girls.


ogvorbis9 ogvorbis10

More response to the love.  Ogvorbis reveals:

  1. He still has hate and rage that he wants to release.
  2. He wants to “punish” someone other than him.
  3. He knew raping the girls was wrong and one of them was named “S.”
  4. He calls his hate and rage a “monster” that is always at risk of escaping his control.


Ogvorbis fishes for more love and believes that his confession of multiple child rape may harm his standing in the FTB community.  Boy, was he wrong!


Ogvorbis makes use of the silly FTB cliche: “Intent is not magic.”

So!  That’s a harrowing story, right?  For FSM’s sake!  We’re talking a 12-year-old “doing everything” with three very little girls who were engaged in bondage play for over an hour, apparently.  If you’re a normal person, you might feel a small measure of sympathy for Ogvorbis, but you don’t excuse child rape.  You want to hop in that time machine and bring Olivia Benson to the moment before Ogvorbis went to see what those girls were up to so you could stop the creepiest orgy of all time and so you could get Ogvorbis into some counseling at the very least.

The FTB Horde disagrees.  Here’s a small sampling of the hugs and babysitting offers Ogvorbis received:


I hope you are sitting down, but the only voice of reason that day was Elyse MoFo Anders herself.  Credit where it is due.


Ogvorbis’s Continued Place in the FTB Community

PZ Myers and others in the FTB community have been dismissing criticism of Ogvorbis, a man who confessed to multiple child rapes, for years.  The Ogvorbis steam seemed to pick up after PZ Myers claimed that Michael Nugent was providing a “haven” for “rapists” on his blog, ignoring completely that Ogvorbis admits he’s a rapist.

Mr. Nugent’s vocal resistance to being labeled thus inspired Stephanie Zavan to engage in some serious Ogvorbis rape apologetics.

By all means, read for yourself, but here are the main points of Zevon’s essay:

  1. Ogvorbis has been turned into a political football.  (She completely ignores the many times she has used Shermer and Radford and others as political footballs.)
  2. There’s really nothing FTB can do.  (More on this later, but Zvayn claims she and FTB are not law enforcement officers and can do nothing to prosecute a rape.   In other news, please check out the post in which she takes Shermer to task for alleged rapes.  And when she excoriates D.J. Grothe for rape apologia and mishandling of harassment at TAM.  And when she urges changes in policy as a result of Ron Lindsay not asking her what he should say first.  But there’s really nothing to be done about rape accusations or confessions from Ogvorbis.)
  3. Ogvorbis bears no responsibility, requires no punishment and no judgment whatsoever because he was groomed.  Ogvorbis, in spite of a few child rapes and the impulse to repeat such actions, is a victim of abuse and his actions are therefore excused in every way.

Tony the Queer Shoop, possibly the dumbest of the Horde, agrees wholeheartedly.  Ogvorbis deserves ONLY support and empathy, in spite of how many little girls he admits he raped.


PZ Myers Blasting Others For Doing Exactly What He’s Done With Ogvorbis

PZ picked up on the Josh Duggar story fairly quickly.   Let’s go through PZ’s post point by point:


PZ blasts Ray Comfort for “standing by” a man who touched little girls’ vaginas.  PZ indicates that being “indoctrinated” is no excuse, nor is the fact that Duggar touched the girls before he knew right from wrong.  Then he throws in a good old-fashioned bit of innuendo to imply Comfort has committed sexual sins.

PZ stands by a man who raped a few little girls.  PZ Myers indicates that Ogvorbis was indoctrinated and feels guilty, so it’s totes okely-dokely.



PZ says that the fact that Josh Duggar confessed and repented doesn’t absolve him of fault.

PZ says that the fact that Ogvorbis confessed and repented absolves him of fault.



No one at Freethought Blogs, including PZ Myers, has expressed any compassion for the girls who were harmed.  Elyse came the closest, but look at all the love and babysitting offers Ogvorbis received!

PZ and the Island of Misfit Toys Flail About, Stewing in Hypocrisy

A brave hero Slymepitter took the time to mention Ogvorbis in this thread under the name “whataboutogvorbis.”  (The Slymepit is an Internet message board that sprung up to discuss all of these issues that could no longer be discussed on FTB and to laugh at the increasing delusion of the radicals taking over the atheist movement.)  PZ  quickly took down the reasonable posts and changed the nym to protect Ogvorbis.  Nick Gotts, possibly the dumbest of the Horde, joined others in protecting Ogvorbis.


Interesting how the PZ and his demented commenters take the time to revile people who mention Ogvorbis, but completely ignore that Ogvorbis has left victims in his wake, women who are out in the world if they haven’t killed themselves as a result of the abuse, and who have had to deal with what Ogvorbis did every day.

Guess who showed up in that thread?


That’s right!  Ogvorbis himself.  He grabs for those victim points by saying:

  1. Both he and Duggar were “taught” to do horrible things.
  2. The adults who should have taught them morals…didn’t.
  3. Ogvorbis has never reached out to his victims for forgiveness, nor has he received counseling or spoken with law enforcement or anything else.

How did the Horde react when the repeat child rapist strode into the room and put his head on the chopping block?  Reminding Pharyngulites that he raped a few little girls and still has impulses to commit serious, evil crimes?

ogvorbis15 ogvorbis16

More love.

More excuses.

More proof that PZ and his friends adhere to only one moral rule:

It’s Okay When We Do It.

#FTBullies Doc Dump: PZ Myers and His Comments About the Rape Accusation Against Him (As of 3/4/2015)

As atheists, we use inconsistencies in the Bible to demonstrate its fallacy.

In completely unrelated news, PZ Myers has, to date, offered four descriptions of the rape accusation a student made against him.  For ease of comparison, I am dumping all of the accounts in one place in text and image form.


May 15, 2010

That’s not just a gay thing, MAJeff. I won’t meet privately with students either — I always keep my office door wide open, and when I’m working with students in the lab, I find excuses to move out and let them work on their own if it turns into a one-on-one event. I just can’t afford the risk.

I was also subject to accusations of harassment, once upon a time. A female student came into my lab when I was alone, unhappy about an exam grade, and openly threatened me — by going public with a story about a completely nonexistent sexual encounter right there.

Zoom, I was right out the door at that instant; asked a female grad student in the lab next door to sit with the student for a bit, and went straight to the chair of the department to explain the situation. I had to work fast, because I knew that if it turned into a he-said-she-said story, it wouldn’t matter that she was lying, it could get dragged out into an investigation that would easily destroy my career, no matter that I was innocent.

I was in a total panic, knowing full well how damaging that kind of accusation can be. Fortunately, I’d done the right thing by blowing it all wide open at the first hint of a threat, and getting witnesses on the spot.


March 30, 2013

Wait…she listened, & all she took from it was 1 or 2 sentences which she then misinterprets to mean I’m forever denying the possibility that a woman might make a false accusation? Nonsense. I’ve been threatened with a false rape accusation, one that could have totally destroyed my career.

I took it very seriously and moved quickly to provide evidence that it was false.

But of course we have to accept the personal testimony of women’s experiences. In that case, it would have been totally injust to simply say, “oh, she’s a woman, therefore she’s lying”. Most rape accusations are not false, so a priori dismissals are inappropriate, and if that woman had gone to the authorities (she didn’t, because I immediately brought in witnesses to make her effort futile) I would sure as hell hope they’d treat both of our positions with equal seriousness.


November 18, 2014

PZ Myers
18 November 2014 at 8:58 pm

Dear gob, Nugent has become a slymepit clone. I notice this fable:

6. PZ has written three times about how he prevented an investigation into a threatened false allegation of rape against himself. He says that when a student threatened to make the allegation, he asked someone else to sit with her while he (zoom) went straight to the chair of the department to explain the situation before it could get dragged out into an investigation that he said could destroy his career, no matter that she was lying.

That’s straight from the slymepit. It has no relationship to reality. You get it echoed in a comment from some ass named Carr:

Myers prevented any possible investigation of an allegation of misconduct against him that could be conducted in line with official university policy.

Where the hell did that fantasy come from? In that incident, I went straight to the chair to invite an open investigation — that’s what you do when there’s an accusation. If I’d not gone to university officials immediately, and had instead tried to cover it up, there would be an appearance of guilt. Suddenly, in the minds of these fuckheads, reporting an incident becomes preventingan investigation.

As it was, the chair, a woman faculty person, and a woman grad student met with her, she recanted and apologized, and I declined to pursue further official action. I followed proper procedure, was completely open about the incident to all involved, and now asshole Nugent is happily embracing slymepit lies and distortions to claim that what I did was sexist? Disgusting. He’s become a demented fuckwit.


March 3, 2015

The other thing he’s doing is throwing about wild accusations, including this one:

After a woman accused PZ Myers of rape, he bullied her into silence, violating Title IX in the process. Details:
— Mike Cernovich (@PlayDangerously) March 2, 2015

After a woman accused PZ Myers of rape, he bullied her into silence, violating Title IX in the process.

One has to wonder…what does that have to do with Cernovich’s misuse of CDC data? He’s a lawyer, he should know the irrelevancy of bringing in that charge.

It’s also a grossly dishonest accusation. It’s based entirely on an exchange I reported of an unfortunate encounter with a student — they have no witnesses for their dishonest extensions of the story, because they’re entirely confabulations of their own bizarre obsessions.

Here’s the facts. A desperate student threatened to threaten me with public accusations of sexual behavior if I didn’t give her a good grade. My response was to immediately leave my office, check in with a women graduate student next door and ask her to talk with the student, and then went to my administrator to explain the situation. I moved fast because hanging about and arguing about the situation would have been pointless, and also would have given an opportunity to claim prolonged private contact. My chair requested some assistance from a woman faculty member, and they met with the student to get her story.

I was not there. I had basically recused myself from further involvement. There was no “bullying” — I did not tell the student to do anything, and had no further conversation with her about the accusation in any way. I placed the entire problem in the lap of the university administrators, who made sure that people who could be sympathetic, or at least objective, about her claims were present. She was given ample opportunity to talk freely about the situation, without me present.

I later heard second-hand that she’d retracted the accusation, and that there was no punishment or penalty. That was the end of it.

Now some fuckwits like to claim that I was somehow out to avoid investigation, when my entire response was to 1) remove the possibility that I was engaged in inappropriate behavior with a student by getting the hell out, and 2) be completely open and honest about the situation and allow third parties to handle it.

I don’t know why these morons are bringing up Title IX. You can read about sexual harassment and Title IX, and nothing I did was in violation. I was threatened in private, I stepped away from further engagement, and brought in official representatives of the university, to whom she could have made a public, official complaint. She chose not to, because her claims were false, she would not be able to support them, and I had taken steps to make sure that there wasn’t even an opportunity for her to claim I’d attacked her.

But this claim that I violated Title IX and bullied a student into silence, with the implication that I’d engaged in sexual misconduct, appears frequently enough, thanks to certain dissembling, obsessed assholes who repeat it with their confabulated slant added to it. Keep in mind that the frauds perpetuating their version of the story have no information to justify their bogus twists: so far, they all even get the university where it occurred completely wrong. They are making shit up.

You will also notice something else: these people who peddle the myth never say what they would do differently. Stepping away from the situation and turning it over to official representatives of the university is exactly what you’re supposed to do, and exactly what should be done under Title IX guidelines.

But there is one silver lining to all of this: nowadays when someone cites this event and spins into it this collection of legendary interpretations from the mouths of liars, I know exactly what kind of contemptible idiot I’m dealing with.


Richard Carrier is a Lying Playahata Who is Also a Playa, Hata

By now, you’ve heard from Mr. Yeti and from me, Shermertron, that Carrier is a lying hypocrite who treats women poorly while leading the moral crusade he believes atheism should be.

Well, Carrier has finally responded.  I’ll be going through the whole of his commentary about Yeti’s piece, but I would like to address one of his points in full.  Carrier says the following: Continue reading Richard Carrier is a Lying Playahata Who is Also a Playa, Hata

Dr. Richard Carrier PhD and Male Harassment Erasure

One of the fundamentals of SJW dogma is that women are treated differently from men.  That women are the ONLY people who have problems and who receive any shabby treatment in society.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD recently admitted that he cheated on his wife and banged other dudes’ wives, possibly at skeptics’ conventions.  (While complaining that women receive sexist treatment at conventions.)  In one of the comments on his posts, Carrier defended himself against valid criticism, saying the following:


Continue reading Dr. Richard Carrier PhD and Male Harassment Erasure

“Help Me,” an Entry from PZ Myers’s Secret Diary as Channeled by @Kirbmarc

From Peezus’ secret diary (channeled by @Kirbmarc and inspired by the “counterpoint” part of this Onion article):




Oh, for fuck’s sake, it happened again. I’ve lost control of my Horde.

To be fair I’ve always known that they’re fucking insane. Some more than others. I mean, that Nerd of Redhead idiot is unbelievably stupid. “Your evidence-less fuckwittery is FLOOSH rejected” and that bullshit about asking for a peer reviewed paper for anything. For fuck’s sake, who writes like that? Is he actually retarded or a troll? To say nothing about Ogvorbis. That whiny piece of shit creeps me out. I have a kid and I’d be glad to smash his head in if the people who comment on my blog didn’t like him. So I have to grin and bear it.

And of course I know that those neckbearded virgin douchebags form the Slymepit are behind the trolls. Like that Plethora jerkoff. Smarmy bastard thinks he’s clever but I know he’s making fun of me. Any moron would.

And I’m definitely not a moron. I mean, I’m a famous scientist, I teach at university, I’m smart. I don’t care about what those demented fuckwits at the Slymepit say, UMM is a great place to teach at. They let me stay here even though most of the time I browse the net looking for more misogynists to roast and cheap zebrafish to buy. And hentai…by the way I just discovered a very interesting website about calamaris and a nice Japanese lady. I must remember to add it to my favorites.

Fuck, what was I talking about? I need to focus. Leave the tentacle porn for later.

Oh yes, the loss of control. I hate those unreasonable bastards. I mean, I gave them what they wanted, didn’t they? It wasn’t easy for me to find a black female atheist blogger, you know. There’s no one I know about in Morris, and even at Skepchick there aren’t many. And I needed to be sure she wasn’t a known plagiarist. I don’t want a second Avicenna. Shit, was that guy a slippery bastard. He got caught just after I defended him in public, and made me look like an idiot. Thank God Jason and Stephanie did some damage control and we banned the creepy fucker.

I really thought I had hit it big this time. Jamila Bey is famous, black, female, a known skeptic and atheist. Perfect for FTB, and a very good way to shame all the rape apologist, misogynistic, racist scumbags. She was my trump card to make anyone forget about the crazy plagiarist asshole.

And then she has to go and make a speech CPAC. For fuck’s sake, girl, why did have to reach out to the conservatives? They’re nuts and make you look bad. And if you look bad, I look bad, just after Avicenna was exposed by Hemant Mehta and Ophelia has decided to go on and defend Charlie Hebdo, those cheese eating racist monkeys. Talk about bad timing!

I’d love to keep her on the blog, I really would. She’s one of the few authentic WOCs we have. Miri doesn’t count, she’s Jewish, not black. Taslima and Yemmi are good enough, but they’re not American. Jamila was my best shot at having a famous, respected WOC American atheist on my network. It meant a lot.

But then she talks to the Republicans and puts me in this situation. And I try to explain. I try to say that she’s not a bad person, that she’s just trying to reach out to the bigots in a misguided attempt to make them change their mind. But the Horde doesn’t listen.

I write all those things and they just keep calling her names, writing that she’s a white supremacist (what the fuck) and insulting her. I imagine them, all pasty white, with their colored hair and beards and necklaces and tattoos as they flail around helplessly, spit on their screens and scream in rage. It’s chilling.

They actually scare me at times. I know I and Ed own FTB, and there’s only 40 or 50 of them, but they’re deranged. They know no limits. They believe that they’re right and they’ll stop at nothing. They’re wild animals. They want blood, the blood of everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

I can’t displease them. I have created a space for them, I protected them, they bring me clicks. And now every time I read their comments I shiver in fear that they’ll either rip me a new one for doing something they don’t like or fall for another obvious troll and embarrass me before the Atheist/Skeptic movement. Without them my website would be over soon. I barely even talk about science these days and everyone in the atheist movement hates me.

I wasn’t always this deep in their shit, dammit. I was about to become the Fifth Horsemen years ago. I used to go to the movies with Richard Dawkins and now he won’t even speak to me. Yes, he’s racist, a misogynists, a rape apologist and all of that, but his book fucking sells. I had to strong arm my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances into buying mine, and I still only get bad reviews. It was a hard job, a tour the force, to use Dick Carrier’s words, and so few people like it. It took me years to write all those posts, you ungrateful bastards, so don’t you dare to complain.

Anyway. The Horde. They’re fucking lunatics. I see them in my dreams some times, I imagine some of them, I don’t know, maybe Nick Gotts with his smug grin (the bastard thinks he’s the one who made “see the light”. As if, creepy little motherfucker), or Caine with her rat skulls, or Gilliel and her mask, or Sally Strange and fucks know what she wears.

I post and article and they get angry. Their nostrils flare, their eyes widen, their faces redden. Then they all smile and type on their keyboards “PZ, you’ve beyond the pale. You offended the fat freebleeders manateekins, you piece of shit. FTB is over”. And others pile on, Marjianovic and his Slavic accent, Itchyc and her dead fish (not the dead fish, you insensitive dickhead!), Tony! and his sunglasses. They all write “FTB is over”.

And then all the writers on the other blogs either leave me or are found to be secretly assholes. All of them. Carrier is accused of rape and misogyny. So is Jason. Alex Gabriel joins the Republican party. Greta Christina is denounced as a rape apologist. Ashley Miller, Miri and Stephanie desert me. Ophelia says she can no longer put up with me. Even Ed is now ready to vote for Ron Paul.

And last, but not the least, Becky confesses that the Elevator guy never existed. In public. Crying in a video for the Internet to see.

And I accidentally browse the Slymepit as I sometimes do and they’re all celebrating with porn, tons of porn and photo-shops of me in porn, and they say that “FTB is over”.

I wake up screaming “FTB is over!”  and I cry, and my Trophy Wife doesn’t know how to calm me down.

Fuck. I created this monster, but now I’m afraid I can’t control it anymore. I live in fear of saying the wrong thing and being abandoned, or that one more of the people I work with reveals themselves to be an unethical jerk or worse, a Republican. It’s a nightmare!”

Will Dr. Richard Carrier PhD and His #FTBullies Friends Take the PZ Pledge?

A wise man once said:

the Internet community of atheists is racked with these paroxysms of argument over, of all things, the status of women. We’re trying to decide whether women are fuck toys and eye candy for the privileged white men, or whether we are colleagues together in this movement.

Truer words were never spoken.  Strident feminists like PZ Myers and Richard Carrier and Jason “Lousy Canuck” Thibeault have all begged the misogynist majority of atheism to cut it out with the sexism at conferences so women will feel welcome. Continue reading Will Dr. Richard Carrier PhD and His #FTBullies Friends Take the PZ Pledge?

An Open Letter to The Secular Policy Institute and All Other Skeptic/Secular Organizations

Dear Secular Policy Institute:

I like you.  I like your mission.  I like the “thought leaders” you’ve enlisted in the fight.  The “thought leaders” I don’t know?  I’d like to know more.  Even if I don’t agree with them 100%, that’s okay.  No one agrees 100% on everything.

Here’s the deal: Continue reading An Open Letter to The Secular Policy Institute and All Other Skeptic/Secular Organizations