Dr. Richard Carrier PhD Can Read Many Languages, But English Isn’t One of Them

This has been an amazing day.  The foremost genius of our time responded to me online.  Amazing.

Too bad he’s full of shit.

Go ahead, check out The Yeti’s thorough piece about Carrier.  Then read the comments.  Okay, now I’m going to try and point out how Carrier is either being willfully ignorant or is suffering from a severe inability to read English.

Note: Carrier is trying to weasel out of any criticism by claiming he has been quote mined, even though The Yeti and I have been extremely vigilant in including links to all of Carrier’s statements.  Carrier is lithe, but not lithe enough to slip out of reasonable interpretations of his own words.

Carrier starts off by saying:


I included the OED definition of “hypocrisy.”


And I listed a few of the many ways in which Carrier has acted in a manner consistent with this definition.  In brief:

  • Telling men to stop being rapey and creepy around women while cheating and banging under the false pretense of infidelity.
  • Attempting to gain SJW victim points by “coming out poly” to conceal his moral failings.
  • Presenting himself as the moral exemplar of Atheism Plus literally in the same period he was banging women who weren’t his wife.

carrier3Why won’t you refer to Yeti by nym?  “This author” seems clinical!  The reader has been given more than enough information to make their own decision as to whether you are guilty of your hypocrisy.

But I do appreciate that you are continuing the misogynist policy of “deny ’til you die.”  Caught in bed with your wife’s sister?  Deny ’til you die.  It wasn’t me.  You’re going to believe your lying eyes?


You accuse me of lying.  Dude.  Your 7400-word article does indeed say that Shermer is likely a serial rapist because people say he gets around.  Let’s go to the Word of Our Carrier, which I have linked in my posts.

Your article preserved by a third party: https://archive.today/Si3hp  You say:


You literally use percentages and probability (THE ODDS) to indicate that Shermer is a rapist on the basis of hearsay that he has “lots of consensual trysts and affairs.” (BECAUSE HE GETS AROUND.)

Oh, and don’t forget that while you wrote this, you may have had stank on your fingers from a woman who wasn’t YOUR wife, but WAS someone else’s.  (Feel free to confirm or deny the hypothetical.)

You say the following:


Wow, way to move the goalpost!  No one said you claimed to be “morally perfect.”  Are you really denying that you, as Yeti and I have pointed out, set yourself up as the moral exemplar of atheism and told us what we should do and how we should treat people?

You did NOT judge yourself as you did Shermer.  You added to the witch hunt that labeled him a rapist.  In your self-aggrandizing humblebrags about the pussy you pull in, you didn’t apologize to your wife.  You didn’t apologize for contributing to the atmosphere that you’ve been fighting (that atheist conferences shouldn’t be perceived as misogynist fucksuckfests).  You didn’t criticize yourself for possibly splitting families.  No.  You asked for understanding about your newfound “orientation.”  A guy in his mid-40s wants to fuck a lot of women without consequence.  What a mind-blowing revelation.  I hope you find a good support group so you can come to terms with being so different from everyone else.

You said:


Check out your incredibly stupid post: https://archive.today/1GvWh

You say:


I’m not down with AtheismPlus.  I am therefore dead weight and a CHUD (subhuman by definition) and I live in a sewer and I must be disowned.  You link to two Skepchick articles about misogyny.


You said:


Absolutely untrue.  I have always quite rightly asserted that you potentially exposed your wife and your fuckbuddies to venereal diseases.  See that word “potential?”  That’s what people like you and PZ don’t understand: words like “alleged.”  You and PZ didn’t use “alleged” with Shermer or Krauss or your other targets.

I treat you better than you treat others because I’m a decent human being.

I have no idea whether or not you have always used protection when banging.  There is absolutely no denying, however, that sexual activity of any kind exposes the participants to the risk, no matter how large or small, of contracting STDs.  Here’s a Beyesian analysis of the risks: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19880971

You said:


In spite of your mangrove-like prose, you don’t manage to offer specifics.  I am not implying you left children with a broken home.  You have not been honest enough for us to know.  You admit to fucking married women.  The majority of women in your age range have children.  It’s a reasonable conjecture that fucking their mother may have caused some problems in the family.

You said:


Genius, if you gave a shit about your wife’s privacy, you wouldn’t have said a goddamn thing at all.  No one cared about your marital status.  No one cares who you bang outside of your staggering hypocrisy, Mr. Intellectual-Artillery-of-Atheism-Plus.  You told everyone, of your own accord, that your wife wasn’t enough to keep the great and powerful Richard Carrier.  Like PZ Myers and Lousy Canuck, you allegedly mistreated a woman then you leave the public with ONLY YOUR ACCOUNT.

You said:


“Homemaking?”  You’re both grown able-bodied adults.  Stop trying to make yourself out to be a hero because you filled the soap dispensers.

You are using the word “lies” a lot even though we’re all just working off of the information that you provide.  If you feel Yeti is wrong, why not clarify?  Do you get alimony from your wife?  Did you feel a bit scummy while negotiating for stuff from the woman who paid your way while you were banging strange and calling it a journey into yourself?

You said:


What is the point of inviting your lovers to come forward in the first place?  You still don’t get it: ASIDE FROM YOUR OBVIOUS HYPOCRISY AND THE FACT THAT YOU WERE MOWING OTHER MENS’ LAWNS, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHO YOU FUCK.

You, the moral center of Atheism Plus, seem to be making your romantic relationships, sexual and otherwise, part of your work in atheism.  Your Atheism Plus kickoff video makes it clear that you think the atheist community is pushing women away in part because of sexual harassment.  You don’t think that parading around like a peacock and pointing out the notches on your bedposts contributes to the atmosphere you condemn?

You said:


You can say that as many times as you like, but you keep sounding like a child hiding his eyes and trying to convince himself that his mommy isn’t out spending time with that curly-haired man who showed up when daddy was gone.

(Reminder: look at how you treated Shermer.  Look at how you treated yourself.  Pleeeeeeeeeeease.)

You said:


Confirmed by whom?  You?  Your reputation’s in the shitter right now, playa.


I can’t wait for the good people at Richard Carrier Wiki to report that you’ve won yet another rhetorical battle.  It must feel good to be respected by so many people who aren’t you.





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