Richard Carrier is a Lying Playahata Who is Also a Playa, Hata

By now, you’ve heard from Mr. Yeti and from me, Shermertron, that Carrier is a lying hypocrite who treats women poorly while leading the moral crusade he believes atheism should be.

Well, Carrier has finally responded.  I’ll be going through the whole of his commentary about Yeti’s piece, but I would like to address one of his points in full.  Carrier says the following:


As always, Carrier’s prose is verbose while still managing to be unclear, but we’ll get through this together.  What Carrier seems to be saying is that he

  • “consistently defended” “skirt chasing” at conferences.
  • “consistently defended” Dr. Shermer’s alleged “skirt chasing” at conferences.
  • that that that that that that that
  • The alleged banging of chicks was not necessarily the problem Carrier had with Dr. Shermer.

(Additional note: I’m amused that the sentence seems to indicate that Carrier wants to compel speakers to promise they won’t have sex with their spouses during a conference.  I know that’s not what he means, but Carrier’s writing is about as clear as the excuses his fuckbuddies must have told their weeping husbands.)

Hmm…so Carrier always supported Dr. Shermer’s alleged status of “playa?”  Let’s see.  Oh, wow.  Check out Carrier’s 7300-word blog post “Michael Shermer: Rapist or Sleaze (Unless Box Checked for Other.”  Sounds like Carrier is saying that a person who has excessive sex or the kind of sex that society frowns upon is a sleaze.

Today, Carrier says he consistently defended Dr. Shermer’s alleged consensual promiscuity.

In August 2013, Carrier said the following:


Sounds like a playa playahating another playa!

Today, Carrier says that he consistently defended Dr. Shermer’s alleged “skirt chasing” at conferences.

In August 2013, Carrier said:


Carrier has pointed out that the skeptic/atheist scene is filled with sexually open people who often participate in orgies at conferences.  (WHEN WAS THIS GOING ON?!?!  I’m pretty offended that I wasn’t invited to join in.)  Carrier doesn’t feel, however, that you should proposition someone you don’t know very well and whose mind you can’t read.  The intellectual artillery and moral compass of atheism hasn’t yet told us how well he must know someone before it’s okay for him to have sex with them.  (It’s fair to conclude that he knows his fuckbuddies will enough to know their marital status, as he affirmed that he has had sex with married women while their husbands were at home, possibly taking care of the kids and wondering if their mother was dead in a gutter and how the hell he would raise them alone.)

In August 2013, Carrier claimed that rape was not the only problem.  There are many ways for men to hurt women by having sexual activity with them:


Less than two years later, Carrier extols the benefits of polyamory and a buffet approach to human sexuality.  Carrier never acknowledged the tangible harm he did and could have caused:

  • Anyone who has sex potentially exposes themselves to STDs.  Just the way it is.  There’s always a chance you will catch something from a new partner.
  • Think about the psychological damage suffered by his ex-wife?  What kind of feminist would make a woman feel that way?
  • Did their affairs cause any of Carrier’s partners to get divorces?
  • Carrier has no kids, but his partners may have; can you imagine if you parents were getting a divorce because RICHARD CARRIER decided your mom was cute at an atheist convention and needed to slake his insatiable thirst for pussy?

But Carrier was happy to point out the hypothetical harm that Dr. Shermer may have been doing….while Carrier was engaging in the same exact activities.  And these activities were NOT okay in August of 2013 for Michael Shermer.  But they’re a beautiful expression of human sexuality in February 2015 for Richard Carrier.


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