Dr. Richard Carrier PhD and Male Harassment Erasure

One of the fundamentals of SJW dogma is that women are treated differently from men.  That women are the ONLY people who have problems and who receive any shabby treatment in society.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD recently admitted that he cheated on his wife and banged other dudes’ wives, possibly at skeptics’ conventions.  (While complaining that women receive sexist treatment at conventions.)  In one of the comments on his posts, Carrier defended himself against valid criticism, saying the following:


Carrier couldn’t be more wrong.  Perhaps he’s unaware, but plenty of people have indeed made fun of him for his “erotic art.”

Tigzy on the Slymepit points out that Carrier looks like a character from Lord of the Rings.


Tony Parsehole reinforces Carrier’s boundless narcissism.


Parsehole even made an image out of the erotic art.


It’s not fair to say that everyone thought his art was a massive turnoff.  In fact, noted SJW Godfrey Elfwick liked the picture a great deal.


(To be fair, Richard Carrier probably never saw this message, as it was directed at his fan-run appreciation organization.)

Ape+Lust posted the following image:


I’ve joined in on the fun, too, mocking Carrier for his self-absorption:


So can we please stop it with the “only women are criticized for doing silly things and looking like an arrogant asshole” delusion?


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