Dr. Richard Carrier PhD: Polyamorous or Sleaze? (Unless Box Checked for Other)

Have you heard the news?  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD, the intellectual artillery of the thriving Atheism Plus movement, revealed that he, Dr. Richard Carrier PhD, is a person who  doesn’t fit into society’s tidy sexual orientation boxes.  He needs your understanding as he deals with the backlash of being something DIFFERENT.  Something people don’t understand.

That’s right, folks: Dr. Richard Carrier PhD is a heterosexual cismale who wants to have sex with lots of women without the women getting mad.

Please understand.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD was born this way.  He can’t help wanting to have sex with women in as consequence-free a way as possible.  That’s right.  Coming out as heterosexual is just part of Dr. Richard Carrier PhD’s life journey.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD needs your understanding in this very stressful and hopeful time.

Unfortunately, not all of us are as evolved as Dr. Richard Carrier PhD and will criticize Dr. Richard Carrier PhD for the interests and behaviors in which Dr. Richard Carrier PhD has engaged and in which Dr. Richard Carrier PhD will continue to engage.   For example:


Yes, it’s true.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD cheated on his wife a “few” times, the woman who helped Dr. Richard Carrier PhD get his education.

It’s also true that Dr. Richard Carrier PhD told his wife about the affairs two whole years ago.  By strange coincidence, Dr. Richard Carrier PhD delivered Dr. Richard Carrier PhD’s pro-feminist Atheism Plus kickoff speech at the American Atheists Convention 2013 on Friday, March 23, 2013…about two years ago.

Some might point out that it’s somewhat hypocritical to claim that atheism has a woman problem and that the community is mistreating women at the same time another woman’s saliva is still moist on your penis.  But that’s not the case because Dr. Richard Carrier PhD.

Please, Dr. Richard Carrier PhD requests that you don’t engage in protracted discussions of his wife’s sex life.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD is choosing to discuss Dr. Richard Carrier PhD’s own sex life, but speculation about her sex life is off limits.  (It’s perfectly okay, of course, to devote 7400 words to an examination of the sex life of Michael Shermer.)

I know, Dr. Richard Carrier PhD claimed that the rumors and claimed past behavior of Michael Shermer made it more likely that Shermer would mistreat women.

carrier2 carrier3

Just because Dr. Richard Carrier PhD was serial cheating while championing Atheism Plus doesn’t mean he’s more likely to have mistreated women.  Why?  Because Dr. Richard Carrier PhD.

It’s not fair to point out that Dr. Richard Carrier PhD potentially exposed his ex-wife to venereal diseases because Dr. Richard Carrier PhD repeatedly stepped out on his wife without telling her.  It’s not fair to point out that Dr. Richard Carrier PhD potentially could have put his ex-wife through hell if Dr. Richard Carrier PhD created a child with one of his women on the side.  It’s not fair to point out that Dr. Richard Carrier PhD could potentially have been spending family money on Dr. Richard Carrier PhD’s women on the side, potentially causing his ex-wife financial hardship.

None of this is fair because Dr. Richard Carrier PhD.

No, Dr. Richard Carrier PhD is not making excuses for Dr. Richard Carrier PhD’s hypocrisy and his shabby treatment of women.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD only had multiple affairs because:

  • Dr. Richard Carrier PhD was unable to handle circumstances.
  • Dr. Richard Carrier PhD was unhappy.
  • Dr. Richard Carrier PhD was constrained by the “cultural narrative” we’re all “sold.”
  • Dr. Richard Carrier PhD wanted his life to go in directions his wife didn’t want.
  • Dr. Richard Carrier PhD learned about himself.

These are not excuses.

What should we do going forward?  Remember the wise dictates of Dr. Richard Carrier PhD.


When you cheat, make sure you only cheat with people you know very well.  You must have a good rapport with them and you should know beforehand that they are DTF without even having to ask.


When you stray from your marriage or monogamous vows, don’t let the other person drink too much.  How will you know how much is too much?  Become a member of Atheism Plus so you’ll never have to explain yourself and any sins you do commit are ignored.


You have a MORAL IMPERATIVE to ensure that everything you do with another person is consensual and that you are above board with all of your loved ones at all times.


While it’s perfectly acceptable to make the assumption that Michael Shermer raped someone because he likes wine, it is NOT okay to bring up extramarital affairs as evidence that a person may be guilty of lying about sex even though extramarital affairs are, by definition, lie-drenched sex.

Some jerks might even point out that infidelity is wrong, but it’s not.  As Dr. Richard Carrier PhD points out, infidelity is as “not bad” as promising to become vegan, then slipping and eating a hot dog.


Offering wine to fellow party guests, of course, means that you deserve none of the benefit of the doubt with respect to rape.

Is there any better way to end than with the words of Dr. Richard Carrier PhD?  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD says:



Dr. Richard Carrier PhD didn’t cheat on his wife and lie and potentially expose her to venereal diseases, all while serving as a moral crusader who was imploring men to treat women like human beings.  No.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD was giving Dr. Richard Carrier PhD’s ex-wife the greatest gift in the world.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD was helping his ex-wife learn and grow and change and allowing her to “change divergently.”

The next time you speak with Dr. Richard Carrier PhD, please treat him with kindness.  Dr. Richard Carrier PhD’s still at the beginning of a journey that has always been very difficult in every society in the world: Dr. Richard Carrier PhD is a heterosexual male who wants to have lots of consequence-free sex with women.


13 thoughts on “Dr. Richard Carrier PhD: Polyamorous or Sleaze? (Unless Box Checked for Other)”

  1. These types of blog entries are all about the helping the writer (and similarly inclined readers) to feel morally superior. Heck, Christianity itself it about moral superiority: I am saved and you are not. I have a personal connection with the maker of the universe and you do not. Therefor, I know some things that you do not.

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    1. Mr. Smith, I would respectfully disagree. The impetus for writing the post is that Carrier has tried to control the atheist/skeptic community with his Atheism Plus garbage. He set himself up as a moral exemplar who, through his dogma, has a personal connection with righteousness and knows what the rest of us don’t.

      Carrier has repeatedly said that if we don’t agree with his particular social justice dogma, then we are awful people who hate women, etc.

      Honestly, aside from the cheating, I don’t think I’m morally superior. I would also really, really like to have as much consensual sex with as many women as will let me. I don’t blame him.

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      1. Having read several of his books and blog posts I do not see where he set himself up as a moral exemplar. Perhaps you can cite and quote one of his works where he said he was a moral exemplar.

        Nor does he control the atheistic community. Richard Dawkins is still firmly in charge.


      2. Carrier literally laid down the moral gauntlet in his Atheism Plus speech. He established what MUST be the atheist’s concept of morality. He made it clear that he would disown anyone who disagreed with his lunacy…even though he was violating his own dictates. (Not to mention the trust of his wife!)

        I don’t know why you seem to think I’m a Christian. I don’t believe in a god or gods. I believe in equality, but not feminism. According to Carrier’s words, I’m a subhuman misogynists CHUD.


    1. Carrier being a cheating sleazeball is proof of Carrier being a cheating sleazeball. If anything, the incident is further proof that attempting to adhere to the rigid dogma of an artificial morality is impossible. Carrier has been going on and on about how we must all adhere to his dogmatic moral code. If you are an apostate, if you sin…you are banished.

      Turns out he couldn’t adhere to his own code.

      That’s the point; morality is not passed down from an external moral source, whether it’s Jesus, Allah, L. Ron Hubbard or Richard Carrier.

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      1. I wouldn’t say that follows either. As a Christian, I do hold God is the ontological basis for morality, but not through a sort of divine command theory where it is arbitrary. Still, none of us can really uphold all of our moral requirements. We all violate our moral principles at times, but the thing is Carrier has made himself out to be an authority on the topic, even writing Sense and Goodness Without God.

        Looks like he doesn’t have much of either at the moment.

        I honestly pray for his wife Jen on a regular basis. She deserves a far better man.


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