#GamerGate News: More Anti-Military Rhetoric and Hypocrisy from Jonathan McIntosh

I previously unpacked the disgusting ideas that Mr. McIntosh shared in a video he made.  His goal was to heap scorn upon the American military…even though he’s now a partner of Intel, a company that seems to care for veterans.

“Cory Brandstetter” added something important to the discussion in the Ralph Retort article that brought the video to light.   Many thanks to Cory for posting these screengrabs:


Mr. McIntosh, Intel partner, wanted to advertise against the military.  he feels that being a soldier is not “honorable.”

In order to deflect criticism of his position, he offers the following:mcintosh15

Mr. McIntosh is being hypocritical with this point.  One of the primary dictates of SJW philosophy is that privileged white men don’t get to tell other people how they should feel about…anything.  He’s definitely -splaining here.  Whitesplaining.  Privilegesplaining.

He’s also making a false claim to authority.  He seems to think that growing up on a military base gave him some insight as to what our brave men and women experience overseas.  I suppose it makes sense he’d say this.  His whole FemFreq business endeavor is predicated on telling people how they are supposed to feel and ignoring and demonizing dissenters for fun and profit.

And this is the guy who wants us to blindly “listen and believe” to the experiences of women and minorities.  (While ignoring the #notyourshield voices.)

One wonders how long Intel will choose to support a person who clearly alienates their military contracts and veteran outreach.



Bonus McIntosh LOL:



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