Know Your Bullshit SJW Debate Stifler: Kafkatrapping

How many times have you been in a good-faith argument when an SJW when…all of a sudden…you’re told that you are wrong simply because your race or gender prevents you from understanding the SJW side of things?

You’ve just been Kafkatrapped.

The term seems to have originated with Eric Raymond, an open-source software engineer.  By all means, check out his excellent analysis.  I’ll give you a useful TL;DR.

The term “Kafkatrap,” of course, comes from Franz Kafka, the author of The Metamorphosis and The Trial, books that satirize the inherent illogic in the world around us.  The protagonist of the latter book is arrested and accused of serious crimes.  He receives no explanation or description of the charges, but he does receive a title.  He refuses to acknowledge that he must be guilty and that’s what makes him guilty.  The only way to stop his abuse is to admit that he is guilty.

Mr. Raymond isolates a few different kinds of Kafkatraps:

Model A

The mere fact that you won’t acknowledge your sexism is proof of your sexism.

Model C

You may not think that you are racist, but you have benefited from racial injustice in the past, which is proof of your racism.

Model P

You may not think that you’re homophobic, but you are homophobic because of your proximity to or association with homophobia, no matter how tangential.

Model S

Attempting to use government statistics to prove the rate of sexual assault is under 1% instead of 1-in-5 is proof that you are one of the rape apologists who encourage rape.

Model L

Your doubt that SOCIAL JUSTICE HASHTAG DU JOUR is a big problem indicative of systemic sexism demonstrates that you are a sexist.

As Mr. Raymond points out, the intention of the Kafkatrap is to make the recipient feel guilt.  If you’re having a good-faith argument about a touchy issue, you’re likely an OK person.  No one likes rape, but they know you’ll feel bad if they call you a rape apologist for pointing out that the UVA Rolling Stone article has been proven to have been built on complete fabrications.

For example, you might say:

“I just want the terrible accusation of gang rape to be investigated by the police instead of Rolling Stone. “

Your debate partner may reply:

“Your insistence that a single instance of rape be investigated by police proves that you are one of the rape apologists who doesn’t care about rape.”

(See how that’s a Model S Kafkatrap?)

Don’t let the Kafkatrap get you.  The next time someone pulls it out, remind them that what they’re saying is a logical fallacy and they should try again.


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