#GamerGate List: 9 Reasons You Don’t Want to Go to a Movie With Anita and Jonathan

Seeing a movie in a real movie theater is just not always as fun as it was in the past.  Jerks whip around their cell phones like light sabers, people bring their toddlers to midnight showings of horror movies.  And that doesn’t even account for the fact that most movies suck big time.

Imagine all of the reasons it would be horrible to see a film with Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh:

9.  Endless pre-movie discussion about how Sno-Caps represent the ways in which white European culture covers up South American and African cultures.

8. Anita’s earrings jingle really loudly when  she looks up and down to make Bechdel Test notes.

7. Jonathan keeps asking who that guy is and if he was the guy who talked to the hero at the beginning of the movie.

6. All the movement is distracting when they cover each other’s eyes during the sex scenes.

5. Too much noise…Anita boos the beginning of the Joss Whedon film before they make friends and she applauds the end of it.

4. Jonathan gets in a fight with the manager because the theater’s general admission policy lets everyone choose a seat equally, regardless of privilege.

3. A bunch of guys with clearly fake moustaches keep looking back to see if Anita’s laughing so they can laugh.

2. You just KNOW Anita’s dreaming up her next video about how women are unsafe in the U.S./Canada while watching a movie about women in Somalia.

1. They might make out.  Ew.



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