Why #YouDontSay is Stupid and You Should Mock It

That’s right…some of the SJWs at Duke decided that we didn’t have enough pointless hashtags in our lives.  The campaign has been around for a year, but it looks like the Thought Police have gotten a second wind.  The campaign is now releasing propaganda images of Duke student-athletes, each of whom look really angry and must have just looked at their tuition bill as the shutter was clicking.

Want to see the lunacy first-hand?  Here they are on Twitter.  And here they are on Facebook.

Now, if you are an SJW or an SJW-sympathizer, you might not think that #youdontsay is a big deal.  You might even think that it’s a GOOD thing.  After all, they’re trying to help people!  They’re hoping to increase the civility with which we converse!  That sounds pretty cool, right?


No.  Here’s why you should make fun of #YouDontSay and why it’s a problem.

SJWs need to stop policing language.

The campaign is not #heycouldyoupleasenotsayretard.  It’s #youdontsay.  It’s a direct order.  Such orders will work for people who have already abandoned independent thought, but they won’t work with thinking people aside from the implied threat in the hashtag.

#YouDontSay…or else what?  What will you say or do to me?  Is that a threat?

SJWs continue to engage in their debates on their terms.

Ever have a non-equity feminist claim that their brand of feminism helps men, too?  Happens all the time.  To them “feminism” is a foregone conclusion, the solution to all problems, real and imagined.  When these people control the language you are allowed to use, they control the debate.

Ownership of words allows them to control the ideas that are and are not allowed in free discourse.  Does #YouDontSay sound like a discussion to you?  Do you feel that they will engage in a meaningful debate with you?

Folks at Duke are monsters of privilege, which disqualifies them according to their own standards.

According to Duke University, it would cost you $63,000 to attend their institution this year.  The whole of #YouDontSay is predicated on the SJW concepts of “privilege” and “punching down.”  Can you think of anyone who is more privileged than someone who receives an education valued at a quarter of a million dollars?  What small percentage of the population has such an opportunity.

This is a case of monsters of privilege trying to convince you that they are victims because someone said the word “pussy” around them and weren’t talking about a cat.

Duke abdicated all authority with regard to these issues when it supported the Duke Lacrosse witch hunt.

It seems that the administration and other employees responsible for the Duke Lacrosse witch hunt have forgotten what happened when Crystal Magnum accused three literally random men of rape.  (Even though one guy had pictures of himself using an ATM when the make-believe rape was said to have occurred.)

88 Duke professors got together to indict innocent men and an innocent lacrosse team.  The team was briefly suspended.  Thousands of Duke students protested against people who not only didn’t commit rape, but didn’t even have sex with the woman in question.  (Oh, and what ever happened to Crystal Magnum?  Even though race-baiting opportunists gave her a scholarship to Duke, she decided to commit second-degree murder.)

Oh, and I don’t see any members of the Duke Men’s Lacrosse team in these images…did they get their team back yet?


Many of the frowny-faced people in the YouDontSay campaign are way more privileged than you are.

I count 36 female student-athletes and 11 male student athletes in the images.  Interestingly, Duke has a 50/50 gender ratio, even though the number is 60/40 nationwide in favor of women.

These people (primarily women) are getting an incredibly expensive education.

These people are likely from families of means, which allows them to do those all-important unpaid internships in New York City.

These people live on or near a college campus, which means they are at lower risk of sexual assault than other populations.  (The rate is 6-in-1000, not 1-in-5.)

These people are all attractive, which means that others will generally assume they are smarter and kinder people than those who don’t have aesthetic privilege.

Sticks and stones…

We have a LOT of problems to tackle in the United States and in the world.  Words are not one of them.  To paraphrase George Carlin, “there are bad thoughts.  Bad intentions.  But no bad words.”  Your parents were right.  Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words won’t hurt you.  The great Eleanor Roosevelt may or may not have actually said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  The idea, however, is an eternal truth.

Duke had the gall to revive their silly #YouDontSay campaign in the same week as the Charlie Hebdo shootings.  More than a dozen people lost their lives because some violent assholes decided they didn’t like the words that the cartoonists and writers used.

Which would you rather defend?  Hurt fee fees?

Or the right to use whatever goddamn words you damn well please?

What do you think?  Leave a comment.  Unlike #YouDontSay’s language police, I’ll only cut your comment if you threaten violence or say something that IS a problem.


2 thoughts on “Why #YouDontSay is Stupid and You Should Mock It”

  1. The first paragraph under “Sticks and Stones” seems to cut off suddenly. “The great Eleanor Roosevelt may or may not have actually said the…”, and then it goes to a new paragraph.


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